Weekly contracts are available for trading for 7 to 10 days delivery viz. from 1st to 7th, 8th to 14th, 15th to 21st and 22nd to End of month basis. The price and quantum of gas to be traded are determined through double-sided uniform price auction method.
The operations are carried out in accordance with the Market Rules and IGX holds the right to modify parameters as specified by it from time to time if needed.


Trading of contracts for delivery from 06:00 hrs (D) to 06:00 hrs for 7 to 10 days of a month.

Double-sided anonymous auction bidding process.

Offers both delivered and ex-hub transactions.

Trading window will be available specified in Trading and Settlement Calendar.

Risk management through the requisite margin, including any additional margin as specified for the respective trading segment or the type of contracts under the Market Rules.


  1. 0930 hrs

    Initial Margin Check

  2. 1000 – 1400 hrs

    Bid Call Session

    • Double Sided Open Auction
    • Members can submit, edit, modify or delete bids
  3. 1430 hrs
    Publish result
  4. From 1600 hrs
    • Ex hub Contracts-Buyer to arrange for Transportation Services
    • Delivered Contracts-Exchange to arrange for Transportation Services on behalf of Buyer as per predefined conditions
  5. Each D day, 1800 hrs

    Schedule sent by Transporter to buyer in Ex-hub and to IGX in Delivered transactions

  6. 1400 hrs (D-1) D is delivery date

    Pay in from Buyer

  7. 1200 hrs (D+2)

    Payout to Seller subject to Proof of Delivery on D+1 basis

  8. After the end of Contract

    Final Reconciliation by Exchange

Trading Process

  • Participants enter bids for sale or purchase of gas for delivery depending on its contract specification.
  • Bidding session: 1000 Hrs. – 1400 Hrs.
  • The bids entered are stored in the central order book. The bids entered during this phase can be revised or cancelled till end of bid call period i.e.14:00 hrs. of trading day.
  • At the end of the bidding session, bids for each buy and sell order are matched using the price calculation algorithm.
  • All purchase bids and sale offers are aggregated in the unconstrained scenario. The aggregate supply and demand curves are drawn on Price-Quantity axes. The intersection point of the two curves gives the market clearing price (MCP) and market clearing volume (MCV) corresponding to price and quantity of the intersection point.
  • MCP and MCV are determined for each contract as a function of demand and supply which is common for the selected buyers and sellers.
  • Selected members are intimated about their partially or fully executed bids and other trade related information.
Pipeline Capacity Availability and Funds Availability
  • MCP and MCV are used to calculate the obligation of the selected participants.
  • Funds availability in the settlement accounts of the participants is verified based on the obligation.
  • In case of insufficient funds, the trades of such a participant may be deleted.
  • Required pipeline capacity is sent to pipeline operators (Transporters) for scrutiny and allocation is requisitioned based on availability.
Capacity Booking
  • Confirmation of capacity booking from pipeline operators received to buyer in Ex-Hub and IGX in Delivered transactions.
  • Obligation is sent to the Clearing Banks for Pay in from buying Members and the Bank is asked to confirm the same.
  • Daily Nomination are sent to pipeline operator from buyer in Ex-Hub and IGX in Delivered transactions.
Scheduling and Allocation
  • Schedule will be sent by pipeline operators to Buyer/IGX. Also based on allocation quantity the pay-out will be released to seller.